When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in the first quarter of this year, one of the sectors severely affected is the creative sector, especially the freelance workers or those in the so-called “gig economy”. Despite the social benefits that the declaration of an enhanced community quarantine and the strict enforcement of the social distancing policy seek to bring about, the same meant a continuing loss of income for these workers. It is within this backdrop that this project proposal is conceptualized.







In collaboration with the Artists Welfare Project Inc. (AWPI), #MoveTheWorld will be a dance production streamed online. IPOPHL hopes to provide a safe platform where dancers can create art. The dance videos will be three to five minutes long, featuring original choreography and copyright-free music. In this way, we hope to encourage those in the dance community amidst these trying times.  


#ColorTheWorld aims to engage and solicit creative work from artists in the visual arts sector to show their experience in dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic. It is during these difficult times that their artwork will inspire us even more. Artworks will include anything from paintings, photographs, and illustrations, as long as they are original works by the artist. One entry per artist will be accepted, together with a brief description explaining their piece.








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#WriteAboutTheWorld targets artists in the literary sector to write creative and original pieces. The written pieces must focus on their human experience and life during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected their thoughts. It can also cover their reflections on the new normal moving forward, as well as how their spirituality or hope plays a part. Pieces in the forms of essays, poems, short stories, children’s story, or comics will be accepted.


#EntertainAndEducateTheWorld calls for artists, especially freelancers, in the performing arts and audiovisual arts sector. All entries must be rated “GP”, and should not contain any profanity. These may be in English or Filipino, and must all be original creations. Artists may choose to submit an animation or a performance such as but not limited to spoken poetry or a songwriting/musical composition.


Entertain and Educate

the World



Animation Council of the Philippines
Artists Welfare Project Inc.
Performers Rights Society of the Philippines


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