Remaining competitive in the global arena is a must for Philippine industries. The IPOPHL can offer an edge to local industries through providing expertise on the analyses of patent data and patent activity in a given field of technology.

Trends and current gaps in an industry’s technological landscape can be a springboard for further innovation. IPOPHL offers Commercial Patent Search and Patent Analytics services to institutions and businesses.


Patent analytics is an in-depth study of patent data from which meaningful correlations and patterns between and among inventors, key technologies, industries and geographical distributions may be established to spot trends and identify gaps. 


Detailed list of benefits:


Technology –driven Research and Development
  • Latest technological advances and trends
  • Technology scouting
  • Technology gaps and “White Spaces” analysis
  • Identify “crowded art” or crowded areas of technology
  • Framework for future research and development activities and/or collaborations  
IP/ Patent Management Support
  • Science and technology innovation planning strategies
  • Effective policy formulation
  • Setting research and development directions
  • Patent strategy
Business Strategy and Competitiveness
  • Monitor competitors' activities
  • Patent portfolios of companies -analysis of top companies and technology focus
  • Identify potential partners/collaborators, as well as possible competitors
  • Technology and development investments, or product launch for SMEs
  • Efficient allocation of resources 

In conducting patent search, patented and non-patented information are identified and analyzed to determine relevance and similarity to a given patent or proposed invention. Patent documents include granted patents, published pending applications, PCT-filed applications, and registered utility models (UM).


List of detailed benefits:


Patentability/ Novelty Search
  • For identifying the relevant prior art
  • For evaluating invention disclosures
  • As basis for drafting stronger patent claims
Clearance Search/ Freedom To-Operate Search
  • For determining whether your product violates existing IP rights
  • For identifying the countries where particular IP rights apply
  • For avoiding “re-inventing the wheel”
  • As basis for sound business decisions before launching a product on the market
  • As motivation to undertake further R&D to improve the product and prevent an infringement
Equivalent Search/ Patent Family Search
  • For determining the equivalent Philippine patent of an application or a patent already granted in other IP Offices
  • For locating countries in which a given patent application has been filed (if published)
  • For identifying “patent family member” that is written in a desired language
  • For obtaining a list of prior art documents or “References Cited”
  • As basis in estimating the importance of an invention
Name Search
  • For locating specific information about published patent documents involving specific companies or individuals, as applicants, assignees, patentees or inventors
  • For determining what is covered by a specific patent number
  • For identifying patents owned by a particular inventor
Technology Search
  • For identifying companies (assignees) and/or inventors involved in a specific field of technology.
  • For locating countries where a technology is being patented 



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