Socially Relevant Technologies (SRT) Project

It is the mission of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) to develop the culture and create the environs for the country’s institutions to start using patent information to impart knowledge and drive Filipino innovations by building upon existing knowledge. Thus, IPOPHL aggressively pursues the promotion and utilization of patent information for technology transfer and development and as a strategic tool for economic development and global competitiveness.

Initially, IPOPHL scheduled the launching of the 1st SRT Pitching Competition on March 17, 2020. But due to the postponement of physical events since the coronavirus pandemic, this launching event is moved to August 19, 2020 and will be conducted online. The event will work towards the development of Filipino innovations through creating a culture that is knowledgeable on patent information, which can be a tool to find SRTs that will address the water crisis that majority of Metro Manila experienced in 2019.

Eligibility & Criteria
    • To identify innovative solutions to address the water crisis
    • To promote the use of patent information as a tool in locating innovative solutions
    • To provide a platform for different sectors to talk about technological trends and alternative technology
Eligibility & Criteria


The 1st SRT Pitching Competition is open to all Filipino-owned innovations that will be relevant to addressing the water crisis. Individual entries must be from a Filipino citizen and group entries must have at least one (1) Filipino citizen.


Those eligible will have to meet the following criteria:

    • The nominated technologies must have the potential to solve the water crisis or contribute to water conservation measures;
    • Must be new and innovative;
    • Have commercial potential; and
    • Be socially relevant and sustainable


The following prizes will be given to three winners:

First Prize

Cash prize of PhP 50,000.00 and plaque

Second Prize

Cash prize of PhP 25,000.00 and plaque

Third Prize

Cash prize of PhP 10,000.00 and plaque

  1. Deadline for submission of entries is on the 6th of March, 2020.
  2. Individuals or groups must submit their accomplished entry forms and all supporting materials to or addressed to Engr. Maria Concepcion Zabala of the Innovation Bureau of IPOPHL.
  3. All entries will undergo pre-screening conducted by IPOPHL.
  4. Those that have passed the pre-screening will be informed to make a presentation of entries to be presented to the 1st SRT Pitching Competition Panel of Judges.
  5. The panel of judges shall make their decisions based on the following criteria:

Novelty and innovativeness of the technology

20 points

Readiness for commercialization

40 points

Impact and benefits to society

  • Environmental impact
  • Social impact

10 points

20 points

Demonstration/ presentation

10 points


100 points

  1. Multiple entries by the same individuals or groups are allowed.
  2. Individuals or groups participating in the competition shall retain their intellectual property rights. All persons involved in the judging and administration of the contest shall sign NDAs to ensure no prejudicial disclosure of intellectual property, although titles and a short description may be published.
  3. Entries will not be returned and will be destroyed after the competition end.
  4. Individuals or groups participating agree to be bound by the rules and mechanics of this competition.
  5. Employees of IPOPHL and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household are not eligible to participate.
  6. There is no guarantee that the winning entry will receive a patent grant or utility model registration from IPOPHL or any other entity.
  7. If a winning entry is a collaboration between an individual or group with any institution, the winning entry shall be governed by their existing IP policy and if no such agreement or contract exists, the breakdown of prizes will be as follows:

First Prize

  • Cash prize of PhP30,000.00 and plaque for the individual or group of individuals
  • Cash prize of PhP20,000 for the partner institution

Second Prize

  • Cash prize of PhP15,000.00 and plaque for the individual or group of individuals
  • Cash prize of PhP10,000 for the partner institution

Third Prize

  • Cash prize of PhP5,000.00 and plaque for the individual or group of individuals
  • Cash prize of PhP5,000.00 for the partner institution