Type of FeeSmall EntityBig Entity
IPOPHL Publicationsat costat cost
Document Retrieval Fee (2-3 days)207.00 / box207.00 / box
Document Retrieval Fee (express ­ -1 day)560.00 / box560.00 / box
Request for Reconstitution of Records900.00900.00
Certified True Copy500.00500.00
Computer print-out (per printed sheet)20.0020.00
IPOPHL Box (annual)3,000.003,000.00
Photocopy (domestic) (per printed sheet)²
Note: Prevailing rate will be determined and announced from time to time
Type of FeeSmall EntityBig Entity
12 -month subscription to E-Gazette12,600.0012,600.00
Appeal to the Bureau Director from refusal,
rejection, examiner’s action, final orders or decisions
3 ,300.003,300.00
Motion for reconsideration of the decision of
the Bureau Director
Appeal to the Director General from the decision of
the Bureau Director
Other motions300.00700.00
Request for Deferment of Publication1,000.002,000.00
Enforcement Action
Filing of Verified Enforcement Complaint by the
IPR Holder

1 Fees exclusive of Legal Research Fee as set forth in Sec. 10

Section 10. Legal Research Fund (LRF) – All fees and charges, except charges for domestic photocopy and sequence listings for invention patent applications in excess of 4,000 pages, shall be subject to the payment of the LRF required by Republic Act 3870 as amended by Presidential Decrees Nos. 200 and 1856, at the rate of one percent (1 %) of the fee paid but not less than Ten Pesos (Php10.00). In this regard, the IPOPHL shall furnish the University of the Philippines Law Center reports on its collection and remittance of the LRF.

2 Excluded from LRF (Sec. 10)