IPOPHL’s 6-point agenda for 2020-2025


Building Collaboration & Partnerships


Raising the Ante for Customer Service


 Integrate IP Awareness and Education into Society


Go back to Basics


Highlight Human Capital


Transform IPOPHL Into a Fully Digitalized Agency

Despite the challenges of restricted movement during the quarantine in March 2020, IPOPHL swiftly adapted with the new normal and was operating and providing seamless e-service in no time, proving the Office’s resilience. But with its culture of excellence and motivated workforce, IPOPHL is fueled to do more than weathering a storm.

“We want to shine beyond expectations,” IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba said.

“IPOPHL wants to be a model agency not only within the Department of Trade and Industry family, but across the entire public sector. Nais naming kami ay tingalain habang sumisikat sa mabuting dahilan at paraan,” he added.

Such outlook and dedication, thus, gave rise to IPOPHL’s newest slogan: “Rising, Shining, Beckoning!” 

“It aims to embody how IPOPHL rises up to challenges, shines beyond expectations, and beckons others to follow in its steps as it strives for excellence in governance. 

Umaangat, Sumisikat, Naghihikayat! We welcome the role of inviting, encouraging and even motivating others to follow and adopt our best practices, systems and policies,” Barba added.

Guided by this goal and its BRIGHT 2020-2025 agenda, Barba hopes to steer IPOPHL toward its vision of building “a progressive Philippines using IP assets for inclusive economic and social development by 2030.”