About eCorr 2.0

About Registration to eCorr 2.0

Automatic Registration

All users of the online filing system (eTMFIle, eInvetionFile, eUMFIle, eIDFile) are automatically registered to the eCorr. An application must have an active and current email address in all filling out forms in order to register.

All existing applications that went through the online filing system are automatically registered using the email address on record.

All agents /Representatives registered in the previous version of eCorr are automatically registered in the latest version.

For Agents/ Representatives who did not indicate or provide an email address in their online transactions are not automatically registered to eCorr. In order to register,   a request to register is available in our eDocFile for Patents or TM. The bureau corresponding to the request to register to eCorr will acknowledge the request and will send a response notifying that the eCorr account is now active and will receive Bureau actions as attached file (in PDF).

The email address in the application form is the user’s ID or unique ID.

Key Features of the Latest Version

Has an option to be application/file/request specific

The eCorr system no longer has a one time registration flow but registration is now automatic when using the eInventionFile, eUMFile, eIDFile and the eTMFile. All email addresses used in these modules will be the registered eCorr email. On the other hand, eCorr registration can be assigned to specific applications/requests that did not go through the eServices (eInventionFile, eUMFile, eIDFile and the eTMFile). Subscription to eCorr can also be done with eDocFile (Patents / TM). 

Actions and Responses are attached as PDF

All bureau responses are now sent as PDF and are attached to the email response instead of retrieving the file by logging to eCorr 1.0 and checking folders.   

Defined time of sending or bureau actions.

All bureau actions are sent every 10PM and 10AM daily. This helps the applicant or filer monitor eCorr responses at a defined time of the day. 

Date tracking

Keeping track of mailed notices or bureau actions is now easier. Registration to eCorr means having the documents mailed to the applicant with reference to the date of email response from eCorr.

Secured files

All eCorr documents are digitally signed and cannot be altered by the user (applicant, filer, or the owner of the email address). An attempt to alter a digitally signed document will invalidate the document.

Email address in manually filed applications are included

All email addresses including those indicated in the manually filed applications are automatically registered to eCorr and will receive bureau responses and notifications via that registered email address.

General Reminders

  1. All applicants, filers, owners of email addresses registered to eCorr should monitor responses and notifications regularly through their registered email. System errors or internet connections will not be considered a reason for appealing over abandonment of the application or removal of the registration for failing to comply with due dates stated in the attached file.
  2. IPOPHL only monitors sending of responses and notifications but DOES NOT monitor if the email is opened or the attached file is downloaded.
  3. The applicant, filer or owner of the email address is responsible for making sure that the email address provided to IPOPHL is correct and currently active. IPOPHL will not be able to notify applicants, filers or owners of the email address that returns an error message to IPOPHL.
  4. Passwords and other credentials must not be shared with others or unauthorized users. Safekeeping the unique ID (email address) and password is the user’s accountability and security, and they’re a key piece of IPOPHL’s internal control structure.
  5. Resetting passwords will require a letter of request addressed to the Director of the Management Information Services (MIS) and are subject for approval. 

For inquiries and concerns, please send to server.error@ipophil.gov.ph