The Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Office (IEO) implements administrative enforcement function of the Intellectual Property Office pursuant to the mandate under Section 7, (c) and (d) Republic Act No. 8293, as amended, also known as the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines which is to:

  • Undertake enforcement functions supported by concerned agencies such as the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Customs, the Optical Media Board, and the local government units, among others; and
  • To conduct visits during reasonable hours to establishments and businesses engaging in activities violating intellectual property rights based on report, information or complaint received by the office;

The administrative enforcement action of IPOPHL can be initiated by a report or through the filing of a verified complaint.


To submit a notice of IP infringement, you must be the Rights Owner who owns the IP being reported or an agent with permission from the Rights Owner to submit notices on his or her behalf. Do not forget to provide your contact details when you report infringement.


Send your narrative report to or call us at (02) 7238-6300 local 1102 / 1103

  • To receive and docket complaints or reports relating to IPR violations from right holders or authorized representatives, other government agencies, and the public in general;
  • To evaluate the complaint or report and take appropriate action thereon to ensure enforcement of IPR;
  • To coordinate with the right holders, industry associations and/or relevant government agencies in the conduct of its enforcement functions;
  • To formulate policies and programs to ensure enforcement of IPR, and to prepare an annual report on the accomplishments, progress, and challenges of IPR enforcement in the country;
  • To keep all records of enforcement such as, but not limited to, complaints, reports, minutes of enforcement meetings, post-operation reports, and other similar or related documents.
  • To provide assistance in the enforcement of orders, writs, and processes issued by Bureau of Legal Affairs and the Office of the Director General
  • Issuance of notice/warning to the respondent/s to observe compliance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, as amended;
  • Issuance of visitorial order on the subject premises;
  •  Issuance of compliance order against the respondent/s; or
  • Immediate filing of administrative complaint before the DTI, the local government unit
    concerned,or other government agencies;
  • Referral of the case to a law enforcement agency for case build-up;
  • Recommendation of application for search warrant;
  • Dismissal of the complaint;
  • Referral of the case to other government agencies for filing of charges for violation of
    other laws, rules or regulations; or
  •  Such other actions necessary to ensure compliance with the IP Code.

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