Only industrial designs that are new and original are entitled to protection. Before applying for registration, knowing existing designs can save you time and effort.


Skip the lines and file your intellectual property using our eIDfile.


Get started on applying for registration of an industrial design in 3 easy steps. Check out the requirements and follow the chart below.

Fill out three (3) copies of the Industrial Design Application Form

Attach the following:

1. Specification and description of the industrial design in PDF format:

a. The Title

b. Brief explanation of the drawings

c. Characteristic features (if any)

d. An omnibus claim for industrial design: “I claim the new and ornamental design for a ______ substantially as shown and described.”

2. Drawings of the industrial design (combine all drawings into one PDF file)

Submit the documents & pay the following fees at the IPOPHL cashier.

Filing fee (up to 5 claims)PHP 1,720PHP 3,600
Claims in excess of five (5)PHP 120PHP 240
Registrability ReportPHP 630PHP 1,320
Issuance of Certificate of RegistrationPHP 600PHP 1,200

*Small entity: with 100M worth of assets or less | *Big entity: with more than 100M worth of assets

Note: Total charges may vary depending on the number of claims, classes and embodiments applied. All fees are subject to 1% Legal Research Fund (LRF) as required by R.A. 3870. If the fee is below P 1,000.00, the LRF is P 10.00.