Type of FeeSmall EntityBig Entity
Filing fee (per class)1,200.002,592.00
Claim for Convention Priority (per class)860.001,800.00
Claim of color, claim distinctiveness (per class)280.00600.00
Request for Priority Examination2,990.006,240.00
Extension of time to me response340.00720.00
Divisional application¹⁰280.00600.00
Revival of Abandoned Application570.001,200.00
Suspension of examination by examiner460.00960.00
Suspension of examination by Director (1st)570.001,200.00
Extension of Time to Submit Copy of Home Reg. (National)570.001,200.00
Suspension of examination by Director (2nd)1,800.003,840.00
Amendment Fee¹¹400.00840.00
Extension to file an appeal to the Director1,800.001,800.00
Voluntary Surrender/Abandonment280.00600.00
Allowance / Publication for Opposition900.00960.00
Revival – unpaid 1st Publication570.001,200.00
Revival – unpaid 2nd Publication570.001,200.00
Reconstitution of records860.00900.00
Recordal Fee¹²400.00840.00
Recordal Licensing Agreement and other
documents not required by the office (No
Additional Class¹³1,200.002,592.00
Recordal – Publication Fee (For registered marks)900.00960.00


Type of Fee Small Entity Big Entity
Issuance of Certificate of Registration (COR)¹⁴ 570.00 1,200.00
Publication of Registration (2nd Publication) 900.00 960.00
1st Assignment of application from small to big entity 3,000.00 plus publication
1st Assignment of registered mark from small to big entity 5,500.00 plus publication
Correction (Without fault of Office)¹⁵ 570.00 1,200.00
Voluntary Cancellation 280.00 600.00
Voluntary Disclaimer 280.00 600.00
Division of Registration 570.00 1,200.00
Renewal of Registration
Renewal of Registration (per class) 3,100.00 6,600.00
Renewal surcharge (per class) 1,500.00 3,300.00
Filing of Declaration of Actual Use (DAU)
3rd year DAU (per class) 900.00 1,920.00
5th year DAU (per class) 1,100.00 2,400.00
Renewal DAU (per class) 1,100.00 2,400.00
Mid-Renewal DAU (per class) 1,100.00 2,400.00
Single Extension to File 3rd year DAU 1,800.00 3,840.00
Declaration of Non-use 3rd year, per class 900.00 1,920.00
Declaration of Non-use 5th year, per class 1,100.00 2,400.00


Type of Fee Small Entity Big Entity
Registered under RA 166 and expiring after June 3, 2004
5th year DAU (per class) 1,100.00 2,400.00
10th year DAU (per class) 2,300.00 4,800.00
15th yea r DAU (per class) 3,100.00 6,600.00
Other motion/ petition/ request 300.00 600.00
Madrid Protocol-Related Fees
Handling Fee – Madrid ¹⁶ NA 2,592.00
Individual Fee, ner class ¹⁷ NA 5,712.00
Individual Fee for Renewal. ner class ¹⁸ NA 8,760.00
Individual Fee for Renewal with surcharge per class¹⁹ NA 13,140.00
Transformation Fee per class ²⁰ NA 2,592 .00
Replacement Fee ²¹ NA 720.00
Other Requests²² NA 720.00
Extension of Time to Submit Copy of Home Reg. (Madrid)²³ NA 1,200.00

9 Includes extension to file response to office actions on Declaration of Actual Use (DAU), Recordal and Examination

10 Per request, regardless of number of classes to be divided

11 To amend formalities, i.e. to delete portion of the mark or description

12 Includes recordal of assignment, change of name/address, merger

13 Upon examination, the specification of goods (broad terms) may be classified under a different class

14 lncludes replacement (on account of recordation), copy of certificate, reissuance (with correction/amendment and renewal of certificates)

15 To correct error or mistake by the applicant/registrant

16 Fee for every International Application filed with IPOPHL as Office of Origin. This international application will be electronically transmitted to the International Bureau (lB) of WIPO

17 Fee for International Registrations Designating the Philippines and for Designations Subsequent to the International Registration. Takes effect 05 March 2017. pursuant to Art . 8 (7 )(b ) of the Madrid Protocol

18 Fee paid to the International Bureau every 10 years from the in ternational registration date. The renewal should be presented and paid to lB. Takes effect 05 March 2017, pursuant to Art. 8(7)(b) of the Madrid Protocol

19 Takes effect 05 March 20 17. pursuant to Art. 8(7)(b) of the Madrid Protocol.

20 Fee paid for a request to transform or convert an International Registration into a national application. This is a remedy for the h older when the basic mark cea ses to have an effect because it has been withdrawn, has lapsed, has been renounced or has been the subject of a final decision of rejection revocation, cancellation or invalidation.

21 Fee paid for a request to replace a national registration with an International Registration. Replacement happens when, “a mark that is the subject of a national or regional registration in the Office of a Contracting Party is, under certain conditions, deemed to be replaced by an international registration of the same mark”. There exists in the IPOPHL database, the same mark filed through the national filing, under the name of the same holder and “all the goods and services listed in the national or regional registration are also listed in the international registration in respect of that Contracting Party”.

22 Fee paid for other Madrid-related requests not falling under any of the above fees, which may be any document for transmittal to 18.

23 An International Registration, like a national application, will not be registered unless the basis of the priority claim has been registered in the foreign country. If the foreign application has not yet matured into registration, the holders, through their agents may file a request for extension to submit a copy of home registration.