Patent Analytics and Patent Landscape Report

Patent Analytics

Patent analytics is an in-depth study of patent data from which meaningful correlations and patterns between and among inventors, key technologies, industries, and geographical distributions may be established to spot trends and identify gaps. It depicts a clear picture of the technological landscape of a region or country which is indicative of its national innovative capacity and the relevance of its R&D initiatives.
In business, patent mapping and analytics can help provide a strong basis for sound business decisions in assessing opportunities, risks, and challenges.

A patent landscape report (PLR) contains a comprehensive overview of available technologies found in patent documents that are of strategic interest for the research and development programs of specific industries or institutions from the public and private sectors. It analyzes patent families (patent grants, published patent applications, utility models) that are relevant to the subject matter of the report. It also describes patterns of worldwide patenting activity through a visual representation of technology clusters (patent maps/landscapes), and standard statistical analyses of filing trends, key players, and geographical distribution of priority countries.
PLR development is IPOPHL’s pioneering initiative to promote the use of patent information as a tool for technology development in the country (RA 8293, Sec 5d). It intends to raise awareness on patent information as an important resource for researchers, R&D managers, funding agencies, and policymakers.

Patent Landscape Reports


A Patent Landscape Report on Food-Related Technologies

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