An Intellectual Property-conscious Philippines in a demystified, development-oriented, and democratized IP System by 2020. 



We commit to deliver high quality, fast, reliable, affective and efficient services to promote innovation and encourage the creation, utilization, protection of and respect for intellectual property.




We respect and promote justness, equity and equality in the delivery of services and functions, with respect to individual differences by gender, religious, social and political affiliation to ensure that nobody is deprived of their rights according to what is required by the law.


We promote an environment where respect and recognition prevails through the provision of venue and mechanism for posting camaraderie among team members to enhance productivity and morale.


We accept with high responsibility and trust the consequences/results of one’s actions and decisions, guided by the government policies and rules on the use of government resources.


We demonstrate moral courage, honesty and decency in the performance of duties, avoids conflict of interest, conforms with the professional code of ethics, practices openness and transparency, and serves as role model for integrity within and outside IPOPHL. 


We create and sustain a culture of excellence in the organization. Institutionalize QMS for continuous improvement in the work processes to deliver quality service and achieve high customer satisfaction. We seek and engage in activities that provide continuous career and self-development, benchmark from global best practices and innovative approaches to meet the global standards in all aspects of IP services.