Type of Fee Small Entity Big Entity
Filing fee 1,720.00 3 ,600.00
For each sheet in excess of 30 claims ­ UM 18.00 36.00
Sequence listings for UM in excess of 4000 pages 0 .60 2.40
For each claim in excess of five (5) – UM 120.00 240.00
For each embodiment in excess of one (1)­ Industrial Design 860.00 1,800.00
Request for right of priority (per priority claim) 860.00 1,800.00
Divisional application (for each division) 1,720.00 3,600.00
Conversion from Invention to Utility Model 330.00 660.00


Type of FeeSmall EntityBig Entity
Request for extension of time to file Response – ­first360.00720.00
Request for extension of time to file Response – ­second390.00780.00
Registrability Report630.001,320.00
Preparation of amended page(s) of the master copy
of the specifications and/ or claims
Request for Deferred Publication500.001,000.00


Type of Fee Small EntityBig Entity
Issuance of Certificate of Registration for Utility Model/Industrial Design600.001,200.00
Amendment or correction in certificate300.00600.00
Any amendment or any correction of mistake in a certificate of formal and clerical nature without fault of office300.00600.00
Any amendment or any correction in a registration of substantive nature460.00960.00
Extension of Term (only for Industrial Design)
Petition for Extension of Term ­- first1,030.002 ,160.00
Petition for Extension of Term ­- second2,000.004 ,320.00
1st Assignment of application from small to big entity3,000.00 plus publication fee
1st Assignment of issued patent from small to big entity4,000.00 plus publication fee
Any other Assignment or document affecting title200.00 plus publication fee400.00 plus publication fee

8 Excluded from LRF (Sec. 10)

Section 10. Legal Research Fund (LRF) – All fees and charges, except charges for domestic photocopy and sequence listings for invention patent applications in excess of 4,000 pages, shall be subject to the payment of the LRF required byRepublic Act 3870 as amended by Presidential Decrees Nos. 200 and 1856, at the rate of one percent (1 %) of the fee paid but not less than Ten Pesos (Php10.00). In this regard, the IPOPHL shall furnish the University of the Philippines Law Center reports on its collection and remittance of the LRF.