It is now easier to file or submit responses, extensions, requests, basic annuity, and other patent-related documents.


The Intellectual Property of the Philippines is launching the eDocfile for Patents, which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. No registration needed! Simply prepare a valid email address and connect via the internet. Payments can be done online or over-the-counter through selected merchants.


Why use eDocfile for Patents?

    1. No need to queue in line for filing or submission of responses, extensions, requests, basic annuity, and other patent-related documents.
    2. Available 24/7 (except for scheduled system maintenance)
    3. No registration needed: All you need is internet access and a valid email address
    4. Pay online or via selected merchant’s over-the-counter
    5. Receive acknowledgment and attachment online with electronically generated stamp
    6. File multiple documents for a single application or multiple applications.

Do you have questions about eDocFile for Patents? We might have the answer here: eDocFile for Patents FAQs

Covered Transactions

    • Responses
    • Basic Annuity Payment, Extensions, Recordals
    • Requests for Corrections
    • Requests for CTC
    • Requests for Registrability
    • Report for Utility Model and Industrial Design
    • Revivals, Renewals for Industrial Design
    • Submissions like Power of Attorney (POA) / Appointment of Resident Agent (ARA)
    • Voluntary Amendments, follow-up letters, and other patent-related documents.


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Disclaimer and Signature

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