The Licensing, Audit and Valuation (LAV) IP 101 Online Seminar Series is a specialized course launched by the Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau of IPOPHL to provide IP awareness for business owners and IP rights holders by learning the importance and value of intellectual property management.

LAV IP 101 Online Seminar Series aims to educate and apprise IPR owners on the basics of IP Licensing, IP Audit, and IP Valuation at the comfort of the participants’ homes for their safety.

LAV IP 101 for MSMEs

The Philippines will be hosting the virtual APEC Global Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Forum on 28-30 June 2021. Parallel to the main forum, several webinars will be conducted as a side event, including the intellectual property webinar for MSMEs, which will be conducted by the Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) together with the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC).

The intellectual property webinar entitled “Licensing, Audit and Valuation (LAV) IP 101 for MSMEs” will be held on 30 June 2021, 8:30 am-12:10 pm, via Zoom. The objective of the webinar is to provide MSMEs with a brief overview on IP, an introduction to IP licensing, audit and valuation, and information on IPOPHL and PTTC services and programs. There will also be testimonials from companies on their experience in commercializing their IP.


8:30 am           Registration

9:00 am           Welcome Remarks by IPOPHL

9:10 am           Overview on Intellectual Property (IP) by IPOPHL Moderator

9:20 am           IP Licensing, Audit and Valuation

Three speakers to give presentations on IP Licensing, Audit and Valuation.

10:20 am         Question and Answer

10:35 am         Break

10:40 am         Testimonials on IP Commercialization

Three companies to give testimonials on commercializing their IP.

11:10 am         Question and Answer

11:25 am         Break

11:30 am         IPOPHL and PTTC Services and Programs for local and international MSMEs

IPOPHL and PTTC representatives will have 10 minutes each to present their respective services and programs.

11:50 am         Question and Answer

12:05 am         Closing Remarks by PTTC