If a draft agreement was submitted for evaluation, the Certificate of Registration shall be issued two (2) days after the submission of the duly executed agreement provided it shall not contain any amendment or any modification not authorized by the Bureau.

After the issuance of the Certificate of Registration, the title of the technology transfer arrangement and parties thereto, its registration number and the date of registration shall be entered in the Certificate Registry Book.

Submit the following: 

  • Request letter addressed to DITTB Director Atty. Mary Grace Cruz-Yap
  • 2 copies of notarized and original agreement
  • Notarized application form
  • 1 Certified True Copy of BOI/PEZA certification if applicable
  • 1 original copy of Justification under oath
  • List of all TMs or Patents covered by agreement

Pay corresponding fees at the Cashier (ground floor)

  • Filing Fee – PHP2,525.00 (small entity) PHP3,030.00 (big entity)
  • Registration Fee – PHP2,525.00 (small entity) PHP3,030.00 (big entity)
  • Publication Fee: PHP930.00 (small entity) PHP970.00 (big entity)
  • Per Exempt Claimed: PHP710.00 (small entity) PHP850.00 (big entity)

 TOTAL: PHP6,686.20 (small entity) PHP7,878.00 (big entity) 

Note: Filing Fees are inclusive of 1% Legal Research Fund (LRF).  Other charges may apply depending on the progress of your application. For full set of fees, refer to: Schedule of Fees

Submit the stamped statement of account (SOA) to the DITTB at the 2nd floor.