About the Program

The Inventor Assistance Programs matches developing country inventors and small businesses with limited financial means with patent attorneys, who provide pro bono legal assistance to secure patent protection (free legal advice on how to file a patent to protect their inventions).

With this online portal, IPOPHL hopes to reach more beneficiaries which in turn brings a host of economic and social benefits to the local economy. 






For any Filipino inventors and small businesses, the IAP online platform can:

  • Increase access to the patent system
  • Help level the playing field for inventors and MSMEs
  • In general, it is in a form of pro bono legal services by an attorney which include the following:
    • Preparation or filing of a patent application.
    • Help with the patent application process.
    • Correspondence with the patent office.

The scope of services provided will be defined on a case-by-case basis, through an agreement between the volunteer attorney and the applicant. Therefore, the scope of representation and the services offered may differ from one case to another.





1. Inventor completes application

2. Eligibility confirmed by focal point

3. Screening board decides

Create a WIPO Account and access the online portal here: 

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