With the theme ”Intellectual Property (IP) and MSMEs: Our Road to Recovery,” our month-long celebration will be devoted to driving more MSMEs to create, protect and commercially optimize their IPs, help them integrate IP strategies into their business models, and eventually realize the exclusive rewards and competitive advantage they can enjoy form their IP assets.

By helping MSMEs turn their trademarks, copyright, patents, utility models and industrial designs into assets for growth, IPOPHL hopes to contribute to the recovery of our resilient and strategic MSMEs during the ongoing pandemic and even beyond.














The two heads facing opposite each other symbolize IP––in orange, to denote creativity––and MSMEs––in yellow, to denote their positive energy and optimistic outlook for growth.

Their back-to-back orientation aims to signify that IP and MSMEs can support each other: IP underpinning MSMEs’ competitiveness and MSMEs enhancing their IPs through adequate investment. With this convergence, IP and MSMEs can lead the journey towards a brighter future, not only to recovery but to lasting growth for the benefit of entire country.

The Director General's Message in the Celebration of the
National Intellectual Property Month 2021

Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 to our country and to our MSMEs, the gradual re-opening of markets in recent months have been a very good sign.

But with uncertainties continuing to linger due to the pandemic, MSMEs are doing a great deal of cost-cutting. It is of course only prudent for them to ensure that each penny has a positive effect on their businesses. However, we at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines or IPOPHL advise against cutting costs on critical investments so that you do not let growth opportunities pass.

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