Intellectual Property Month 2020

This April is our 4th Annual Intellectual Property Month. In light of the current situation due to COVID-19, IPOPHL has decided to postpone this year’s festivities in favor of a digital celebration, where IPOPHL will be focusing on eco-innovation.

We desire to foster an atmosphere of innovation that not only drives businesses, but also pushes towards sustainable development in the country. In lieu of our planned events, we will be featuring eco-innovative efforts from our countrymen. 

We will also be featuring those from the fashion industry that aim to reduce carbon footprint through pursuing Eco-Fashion.

Apart from increased informative postings, there will be online activities and events in store for the entirety of April. We hope that you can join us in celebrating Intellectual Property Month and support our drive towards sustainability.

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Driving Eco-Innovation through Intellectual Property

This year’s symbol has leaves sprouting from a lightbulb, symbolizing how innovation can come from ideas. The ideas, big and small all contribute towards the betterment of eco-innovations that will help us live in more sustainable ways.

Director General’s Message in Celebration of Intellectual Property Month Philippines 2020: Driving Eco-innovation through Intellectual Property

Although we have been preparing for this IP Month’s activities weeks before the local COVID-19 outbreak, we knew better than to push through and endanger our stakeholders, exactly why we suspended all activities even before the Metro-Manila-wide quarantine ordered by the Malacañang. 

But IPOPHL will not suspend efforts in raising awareness on the importance of IP, especially in these times of adversity—one of the significant purposes of the IP system is to stir socially beneficial solutions through incentivizing inventors and innovators while ensuring that the fruits of these innovations are within the general public’s reach.  

IPOPHL, through its social media accounts, will be very active throughout April in sharing interesting facts on trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design, and copyright. Our campaign will draw on the different reasons to celebrate the IP system and its indispensable role to our economic development, cultural advancement, and, most importantly, in strengthening our environmental consciousness. 

We hope this virtual IP Month Philippines 2020 will be far-reaching. We hope the IP system can aid not only in the world’s search to find a quick fix medicine and a vaccine to combat COVID-19, but also in developing long-term, innovative solutions for the healing of Nature.

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