Director General

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

Director General Josephine R. Santiago’s expansive and extensive experience in the field of the intellectual property system traverses two decades in government and in the private realm. In government, she was former Deputy Director General, Intellectual Property Office (1999-2002); Director, Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Dept. of Science and Technology (2006-2008); and an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioner, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (2011-2015). In the private sector, she was an intellectual property rights consultant and legal practitioner, professor of law, educator, and researcher.



When she assumed office as the fourth Director General of the Intellectual Property Office (IPOPHL) in October 2015, Director General Santiago laid out her seven-point agenda she calls SMELT IP—Services, Mind-2-Market, Enforcement and Adjudication, Learning, Technology, Infrastructure, and Partnerships. By focusing on these seven items and pushing for new initiatives, DG Santiago aims for the IPOPHL to provide FREE services to the public—fast, reliable, efficient, and effective.



Under her watch, IPOPHL has completed its suite of online services to provide an electronic facility for the filing and registration/granting of industrial property in an effort to further streamline turnaround time and promote a no-contact policy with the agency.



She has successfully led the bid for the appointment of the Philippines as an International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) by Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the 2nd in the ASEAN and the 23rd in the world. She is currently the chair of the ASEAN Network of Intellectual Property Experts, representing the Philippines.

DG Santiago has likewise put a premium on the development-oriented aspect of the Office. In her priorities are the formulation and implementation of a Philippine National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS), a whole-of-society approach covering public and private sector roadmap for the promotion of the use of intellectual property system that could enhance value to creativity and innovation and respect for intellectual property rights (IPRs); the establishment of an Intellectual Property Academy, to approach teaching for capacity building in intellectual property in a systematic and sustained way; the promotion of non-traditional approaches to raising public awareness and instilling a culture of respect for intellectual property, in addition to the creation of an advocacy team to ensure the IPOPHL’s presence in social media and to develop its branding.



She has issued several amendments to the implementing rules and regulations and consolidated them into a single publication: the 2017 IPOPHL Compendium of Implementing Rules and Regulations. Significantly, she had ordered a comprehensive review of the Intellectual Property Code that led to the submission of a draft bill proposing amendments thereto.

A graduate of the University of the Philippines with the degrees of B.S. in Foreign Service and Bachelor of Laws, Director General Santiago further obtained the degree of Master of Laws in Intellectual Property from the joint program of the University of Turin in Italy and the WIPO Worldwide Academy.