Teambuilding, the IPOPHL Way




The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) held its 4-day teambuilding and cascading activity on the second week of May, underlining the organization’s goal of nurturing a culture of excellence in its workforce.



IPOPHL personnel and officials, numbering around 250, gathered for a series of collaborative activities and cooperative games for the four days. IPOPHL tapped the talents of facilitator Francis de Vera of iCross Holdings, and management consultant Ms. Nerissa Mendoza, to help in the conduct of the program.


The slate of activities kicked off with a creative presentation of values (excellence, spirituality,etc) assigned per team, designed to foster collaboration and champion performance values of a government agency. 


This was followed by the conceptualisation and preparation of “Power Presentations” ; group performances / interpretation of known pop songs, an exercise meant to showcase employees’ talents. 


The afternoon session saw the organisation’s employees engage in two simultaneous activities: (1) an activity to strengthen team communication and coordinate execution of a common objective.; and (2) a more strenuous activity akin to an Amazing Race, aimed at spurring the more competitive nature of team collaboration.


The evening’s activities consisted of a group action activity, a drum-beating session led by Rivermaya drummer Raymond Peralta.


The first day was concluded with the group performances of pop songs assigned earlier in the day.


Personality assessment and evaluation was done on the second day, to serve as a guide to communicate effectively with co-workers and superiors. 


The starting activity for the second day grouped IPOPHL workers per bureau to pledge commitment to the values they seek to embody, as one part of a bigger organisation. This was done through a puzzle completion activity, with the closing remarks delivered by IPOPHL Director General Josephine R. Santiago.


Facilitator Ms. Nerissa Mendoza conducted the second part of the program: a cascading of the strategy map of the agency, and organisational health assessment. A film-viewing was done on the third day  (focusing on the challenges faced by an inventor) followed by a showcase of the skills and expertise each bureau can contribute to the situation. 


Apart from the official program, sports tournaments were also held.


The Teambuilding and Cascading Program, was organised by the Office of Strategy Management, Human Resource Development Division.