Protection and Registration of IP Rights

            1.    Rules and Regulations on Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Names, and Marked or Stamped Containers of 2017
            2.    Philippine Madrid Regulations (2017)
            1.    Rules and Regulations on Copyright Registration and Deposit (2013)
            2.    Rules and Regulations on the Accreditation of Collective Management Organizations (2013)
            1.    Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations for Patents, Utility Models, and Industrial Designs (2011);
                   Latest amendment: Memorandum Circular No. 17-013.

            2.    Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits Regulations (2002)
            3.    Philippine Rules on Patent Cooperation Treaty Applications (2001) as amended
       Other Issuances
                Requirement of Notice of Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, and Layout Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits (2010)

Adjudication, Appeal, and Alternative Dispute Resolution

             1.    Cancellation Cases: Regulations on Inter Partes Proceedings (1998) as amended until Memorandum Circular No. 07 (2016)
             2.    IP Violation Cases: Rules and Regulations on Administrative complaints for Violation of Law Involving IP Rights (1998) as amended until Office Order No. 186 (2010);
                 Latest amendment: Memorandum Circular No. 17-012

             3.    Rules on Resolution of Public Performance Disputes (2013)
             4.    Revised Rules and Regulations on Settlement of Disputes Involving Technology Transfer Payments (2001)
                Uniform Rules on Appeal (2002), as amended

       Alternative Dispute Resolution
             1.   Rules of Procedure for IPO Mediation Proceedings (2010), as amended by Office Order No. 67 (2015)
             2.   Rules of Procedure for IPOPHL Arbitration Proceedings (2011)

            Rules and Regulations in the Exercise of Enforcement Functions and Visitorial Power of the Intellectual Property Office, and Creating thereby an Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Office (2013)

            Rules and Regulations on Voluntary Licensing (1998)

            1.  Rules and Regulations on IP Rights Application and Registration Protecting Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices of the Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Cultural Communities (2016)
            2.  Guidelines on IP Valuation, Commercialization, and Information Sharing of the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 (2013)
            3.  Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009
            4.  Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008
            5.  Implementing Rules and Regulations Issued Pursuant to the NTC-IP Philippines Memorandum of Agreement Dated June 16, 2006