Innovation Bureau

(Documentation Information and Technology Transfer Bureau)


Intellectual Property Rights Specialist III


Basic Salary: Php 60,425.00 (SG16)

Technology Transfer Division

Innovation Bureau (Documentation Information and Technology Transfer Bureau)


Qualifying Standards

Education: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job

Experience: 2 years of relevant work experience

Training: 8 hours of relevant training

Eligibility: CS Professional/ R.A. 1080 for positions which require the practice of the profession

Competencies: Teamwork; Communication; Technology Savvy.

Closing Date: 19 February 2020

Description of Duties

The position requires the candidate to be an Intellectual Property Rights Specialist (IPRS). A candidate holding said title would have an advantage. Nevertheless, holding said title prior to joining the organization is not required. A combination of qualification in terms of educational attainment and high academic performance coupled with the requisite experiences to be considered a specialist in the field of IPR must be demonstrated.

As a Level III IPRS, the candidate is expected to discharge the functions assigned to a rank and file employee in the prescribed level and category reporting to the Division Chief of the TTD, and/or under special designation with direct reporting to the Bureau Director.

In particular, the assigned duties and responsibilities include:

  • Program/Project proposal, planning, development, implementation, and monitoring;
  • Supervising, managing, and guiding team members in performing their duties under an approved program/project where the IPRS III is the Project Manager of record;
  • Coordinating the various program of activities of the Division dealing with the study, planning implementation and evaluation for the promotion, organization and development of industries through technology transfer;
  • Conducts researches/studies in the formulation of policies and standards, rules and regulations, objectives and priorities, and likely directions in the promotion, organization, and development of industries through technology transfer;
  • Recommending measures and standards to his/her immediate superior;
  • Advising, recommending, assisting, and supporting the TTD Division Chief and the IB Director on matters within his/her technical expertise;
  • Provides technical, advisory, and other services relating to the licensing and promotion of technology;
  • Assists in the packaging and marketing of patent information as well as in the promotion of TTD services and training to its stakeholders;
  • Conducts industry studies and sectoral programs of selected industries related to technology transfer as required by superiors;
  • Disseminates information and promotes technology transfer to businesses;
  • Assists local entrepreneurs formulate their technology transfer contracts;
  • Assists in identifying appropriate technology for local SMEs;
  • Evaluates and registers technology transfer arrangements;
  • Preparation and submission of Periodic Reports, as may be required;
  • Provides data on technology transfer as needed and within permissible limits;
  • Provision of support for projects of other members of the Technology Transfer Division and the other Divisions within the Bureau;
  • Representing the Division/Bureau in local and international meetings and other fora relating to technology transfer and other IP related matters, as may be assigned;
  • Performs such other functions as the Division Chief, the Bureau Director, or other superiors may assign.


  • Strong skills in project conceptualization, development, implementation, and monitoring;
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the government procurement system;
  • Heightened critical thinking and analytical skills, possessing the ability to analyze data and processes and recommend appropriate actions and to prepare reports;
  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to harmoniously work with peers even under pressure;
  • Effective communication (written and oral);
  • Working knowledge of the IP Code, the IPOPHL administrative rules, regulations and policies, including trends in IP asset management;
  • Demonstrable skills in marketing and promotion of products and services;
  • Strong skills in standard office applications, excel, and presentation programs/software.

Use of Language Skills

Essential: Expert knowledge of English.

Desirable: Ability to convert technical information into common language understandable by lay persons and the general public.

Closing Date: February 19, 2020

Interested applicants must submit the following in PDF Format to

  1. Application letter (indicating the position applying for)
  2. Updated Resume
  3. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent photo and work experience sheet (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) which can be downloaded at;
  4. Performance rating in the present position for one (1) year (for government employees only);
  5. Photocopy of the authenticated certificate of eligibility/rating/license ; and
  6. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.  


These requirements do not apply to vacancies under contract of service.