File the original of the opposition with proof of service to the respondent or representative/agent on record. Petition must be in writing, verified and accompanied by a certification of non-forum shopping.

Address the letter to Bureau of Legal Affairs Director Atty. Nathaniel S. Arevalo

Attach to the opposition or petition the following:

  • affidavits of witnesses
  • documentary or object evidence, which must be duly-marked starting from Exhibit "A"
  • other supporting documents mentioned in the notice of opposition or petition together with the translation in English

Pay the filing fee at the IPOPHL cashier, ground floor.



Type of FeeSmall Entity (with 100M worth of assets or less) Big Entity (with more than P100M worth of assets)
1. Filing of Inter-Partes Case  
Filing of Opposition to/Petition for Cancellation of Trademark Registration PHP10,000.00 PHP14,600.00
Motion for Extension to File OppositionPHP800.00PHP1,700.00
Petition for Cancellation of Patent (Invention)PHP12,000.00PHP19,200.00
Petition for Cancellation of Utility Model/Industrial DesignPHP12,000.00PHP14,600.00
Petition for Compulsory Licensing (Invention)PHP12,000.00 PHP19,200.00 
Petition for Compulsory Licensing (Utility Model/Industrial Design)PHP9,000.00 PHP12,200.00
2. Filing of Intellectual Property Violation Complaint PHP15,000.00PHP19,200.00

Note: Filing Fees are inclusive of 1% Legal Research Fund (LRF).  Other charges may apply depending on the progress of your application. For full set of fees, refer to: Schedule of Fees