IPOPHL reminds candidates: observe IP laws this campaign period

Interview on Radyo 5's Perfect Morning on March 13, 2019


IPOPHL is doubling down on its warning to political candidates on asking permission from intellectual property owners when using copyrighted songs for jingles.


In an interview on Cheryl Cosim's Perfect Morning, co-hosted with DTI Usec Ireneo Vizmonte on Radyo Singko on Wednesday, IPOPHL DG Josephine R. Santiago reminded candidates and the public to observe IP laws during this campaign period.


"Ang kumakandidato, kung gagamit ng existing copyrighted material sa kanyang jingle, nangangailangan ng permiso mula sa may ari ng intellectual property. Tandaan natin na dahil may copyright protection na sa unang sandali na nilikha ang gawa, may panghahawakan na na karapatan ang IP owner," paalala ni Director General Santiago.


Failure to ask permission, which may include payment of royalties to the copyright holder, may hold the candidate liable for copyright infringement.


In the case of foreign songs, permission must be sought from collective management societies such as FILSCAP as they represent majority of foreign and also local artists.


Even the public playing of copyrighted songs during campaign sorties will require permission, the government official said.


These can all be negotiated easily with the CMOs especially during this campaign period. Candidates can approach FILSCAP on the fees to be charged in the use of these songs for three months of the campaign season.


"This is the way we stimulate and recognise creativity among Filipinos. If they see government, particularly their political candidates respect their intellectual property, the more they are encouraged to be creative," she added.